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Vacation Homes for Sale

Why a South Padre Island Vacation Home?

Whether you’re looking for a home right on the beach, a place on the bayside water to enjoy the incredible fishing on South Padre Island, or want a place in the middle of the island so you can get the best of both worlds, our realtors can help find the right place for you.

Make it an Investment!

You can also take advantage of the city’s popularity by looking for an investment property for sale! Winter Texans, for example, absolutely love South Padre Island and spend weeks in the area. Why not take advantage of this opportunity by renting your property and bringing in some additional income? Troy Giles Realty knows the housing market in the region well and can provide the insight you need to find the best investment property for sale!

Contact Our Realtors in South Padre Island!

Contact our realtors to help you find the right vacation home for sale on South Padre Island! Explore our listings, learn more about the Island, or set up a viewing!

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