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5 Steps of Buying an SPI Home

Dreaming about owning a South Padre Island home? Buying your paradise by the sea can be exciting and nerve-racking. Make the purchase as breezy as the salty ocean air. Here are five easy steps of buying an SPI home. 

Understand What You Want in a Home

Make a list of what you want from a home whether it’s the price range, the age, or the design. Make a plan and stick to it. This will act as a guideline when choosing your new house.

Learn Your Financial Situation

Know your income and save money for a down payment. Learn what you can afford, and do not go in over your head. It’s recommended to not spend more than 28% of your yearly income on house payments. There are Affordable Housing Programs that can financially set you on the right path towards your dream home. 

Make an Offer Your Comfortable With

You know your guidelines and your financial standings, it time to make an offer for your sea-side beach home! Our team of realtors and brokers can help you every step of the way. We can aid you in making an offer that doesn’t stress your bank account. 

 Secure the Financials 

Unless you have the money for it, you’re going to need a mortgage. Look into your availability to acquire the loan keeping in mind points, interest, lender fees, and what other closing costs may be included. Before purchasing it may be required to make repairs on the home. Lastly, purchase home-owners insurance and ensure you have all the money you need to close the transaction. 

Closing Day

After the lender appraisal and the final walk through, it’s time to seal the deal! You will be signing and reviewing documents with our realtors. It will be a lot of paperwork, but we will be here explaining anything you do not understand. Once, it’s all over you can finally appreciate your dream beach residence.

Our website is easy to manage and free to use. Input your price range and instantly get matched with houses that fill your needs.  Contact us/ at (956) 761-2040. We are here for you!

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