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Monthly Archives: January 2021

    3 Tips for Moving Day from Our Realtors on South Padre Island

    By Troy Giles Realty | January 29, 2021

    Are you planning to buy a new home in South Padre Island this year? While house-hunting can be exciting, moving in might not. Many stressors can arise while moving, including fragile items breaking, having too much clutter, and much more! Prevent stress and use these three tips from our realtors in South Padre Island to make your... Read More

    Check Out an Investment Property for Sale on South Padre Island at 3901 Padre Blvd.!

    By Troy Giles Realty | January 21, 2021

    If you’re looking to start a business or have already done so and are operating from home, then there’s a chance you’ll benefit from a new commercial property. Instead of spending hours looking for a location, check out our list of commercial properties for sale on South Padre Island! One such property, located at 3901 Padre Blvd.,... Read More

    Why Living in South Padre Island in 2021 Looks so Bright!

    By Troy Giles Realty | January 6, 2021

    For many, 2021 means a new start, especially after a rough 2020. Some may even use this chance to purchase a new home. South Padre Island offers many properties that provide that desired luxury lifestyle you’re looking for with the comforts of home. We want to share a few reasons why you’ll want to relocate... Read More